Mango Frozen Dessert 01

Envelop yourself in sweet, frozen mangoes with a crunchy, nutty base.

It’s summertime and what best way to celebrate the season than with a dessert like this.  Frozen mangoes top a whipped cream mousse set on a crunchy macadamia nut base.  The sweet, frozen mangoes are refreshing and the whipped cream adds a comforting touch that counters the sweetness and nuttiness of the macadamia nut base.

This was my sister’s Easter dessert of choice.  I tell you, this was wiped out way before it can even start to melt. 😉

Fleur de Lys
F.L.P Building (beside Filipino Bookstore)
305 Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City
Note: My family are big fans of mangoes and any dessert made of mango so I will be posting a couple of other frozen mango desserts we’ve tried, so stay tuned. 🙂

5 Responses to “Mango Frozen Dessert 01”

  1. oooh! i like fleur de lys!

  2. Hi Ceia! This is Punky. first time to see your food blog. I like how neat and image-centric it is! This frozen mango dessert reminds me of homemade refrigerator cake!

    • Hi Punky! 🙂 Thanks!

      Refrigerator cake. Mmm. 🙂 But most refrigerator cakes I’ve tried are too sweet. I’m looking forward to buying Dulcilin’s mango torte which, for me, is THE ULTIMATE MANGO TORTE, in the country. As in, it’s really super dooper the best around. 🙂

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