The Carpenters

Scallops and prawns fricassee, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Prawn and scallop make me gallop! 😀 Okay, that’s a bad rhyme.  Anyway…

The prawns and scallops are cooked just right — tender but still juicy.  The mashed potatoes are a bit under salted and the French beans are not much fun to eat either but the seafood saves the dish.  The sauce drizzled all over complements the seafood well, doesn’t overpower the tasty prawns or scallops.  I would have wanted an additional 1 or 2 pieces of the scallops though.

I’m not sure if this dish would be better if paired with a simple risotto but I would have preferred the risotto over mashed potatoes. I feel the mashed potatoes don’t really complement the “softness” of the seafood.  It reminds me of a salmon dish I had way back in the 90’s at Prospero’s. The salmon was on a bed of mashed potatoes and caramelized onions. Beautiful meal. It was so memorable I can almost taste the caramelized onions’ sweetness adding depth and personality to the simple mashed potato. The mashed potatoes and caramelized onion combination, served with the grilled salmon, was like opening a beautifully wrapped present and finding something even better inside.

Anyway, going back to this dish, the prawns and scallops were like wonderful presents wrapped in a bland package. Sorry. 🙂  Maybe a little something (like the caramelized onions on the mashed potatoes of Prospero’s) would have added more character to the dish. Hmm, maybe the mushrooms could’ve been sauteed or grilled to add some flavor to the mashed potato? I’m thinking, maybe the mushrooms could’ve been sauteed in butter and some wine?

Overall, this dish is pretty but a little bland. It doesn’t make me feel like “[I’m On The] Top Of The World” and it’s definitely not the “Superstar” of Felix. But seafood lovers will love this entree for the generously-sized prawns and scallops. 🙂  The Carpenters were a great duo of songwriter and singer, and indeed, this duo of prawns and scallops will make any seafood lover want to be “Close To You.”


4 Responses to “The Carpenters”

  1. Thanks to your photos, the first place I’m heading to when I get back to Manila (soon, I hope!) is Felix! =P

  2. nice picture:)

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