Ala Jay at Felix

Creamy and self-indulgent comfort food!

Again, I’ve no idea why this dish is called such, but pasta Ala Jay is defined as truffle cream with crispy Parma ham.

Forgive me, but this dish reminds me of a more elegant, more luxurious carbonara. I’m not a big pasta eater, you see, as I’ve a somewhat strict diet that I have to follow. Aside from that, after reading once, somewhere, that cream-based pasta sauces are waaay more fattening than tomato- or oil-based ones, I’ve actually developed a distaste for cream-based pastas.

Nevertheless, after taking a teeny bite of this pasta dish, I decided that cream-based pastas must be given a chance once more. Even for just a fourth of a serving. šŸ˜€

Unlike ordinary carbonara sauces which tastes either milky or leaves an uncooked flour taste in the mouth, this pasta is rich but heavy. I’m not sure what the other items mixed in were but the crispy Parma ham really cuts through the rich cream sauce.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I can’t really eat pasta, but this Ala Jay makes me want to try the other pasta dishes in Felix.

Ground Floor
Greenbelt 5

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