Martha at Felix

Healthy option! Omega-3 from fresh fish, nutrient-rich greens, and just enough carbs to fill you up.

Another family favorite from Felix! Martha is a plate of “Slow roasted salmon with skin crackling, spinach and mushrooms in leek sauce, served with potato puree.”

I’m a bit puzzled about the names of the dishes at Felix, though. It’d be nice if they can put a short story behind the names of the dishes, aside from the actually descriptions. Martha, makes me think of the Biblical Martha, the sister of Lazarus and Mary. Of course, no relation to the food, right?

Then again, this dish could’ve been named after Martha Stewart–think fresh, clean, erm, nutritious dishes. Or you can also visualize Martha Stewart in her kitchen in her demure yellow cardigan, deep green silk A-line skirt, and her honey blond hair. Hahahahaha! 😀

The fish is perfectly cooked; I think the slow roasting keeps it moist, versus ordinary grilling which can leave the fish a bit dry. Of course, I’m not sure; I’m just guessing. Hahahaha!  However, the spinach was not overcooked and mushy. The potato puree needed a little bit more salt.  The crispy salmon skin is an interesting complement to the softer fish, spinach and potato puree.

Overall, I would recommend this dish to fish lovers and those looking for a lighter, non-meat entree. 🙂

Ground Floor
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

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