Binondo’s Secret 01

Unsteamed xiaolongbao from Dong Bei in Binondo. Well worth the trip. 🙂

First time I tried xiaolongbao (or soup dumpling) was in Singapore.  This is my first time here in Manila.  Went all the way to Binondo with friends (via the Pasig River Ferry, Php45 one way) and walked from the Escolta station all the way to Yuchengco Street to Dong Bei.  The xiaolongbao pieces were made by the skillful dumpling ladies while we watched.  Talk about fresh food. 🙂

Although it’s not the same soup dumpling I’ve tried in Singapore (this one really didn’t have the soup inside, for some reason or other), the filling was really tasty and the dumpling wrapper was just perfect in thickness (other dumplings are too thick it overwhelms the filling, eew).  One order is four pieces for about Php120, I think.

Dong Bei
Yuchengco Street, Binondo

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