Caramel Pannacotta

Light dessert made of cream, sugar, vanilla beans, drizzled with caramel sauce.

I love pannacaotta, a smooth Italian dessert made of cream, sugar, and gelatin, flavored with vanilla beans. Cream and sugar are boiled with vanilla bean until slightly thick then mixed with gelatin. It is then cooled and chilled then served with fresh fruit or fruit-flavored syrup or, as in this case, caramel sauce. 

What I like about this dish is that while it is made of cream, it isn’t as heavy and rich as leche flan or a custard. Notice that the recipe doesn’t include eggs; I guess that’s what makes it lighter than other cream-based desserts. Somehow, it doesn’t make me feel guilty about eating dessert. (Not that I do feel guilty, anyway. Haha.)

This caramel pannacotta is from Massimo’s, an intimate, family-owned resto in Tagaytay. Our family went there once just to have dessert, and while the rest of them feasted on the lava cake, my sister Melodie and I shared this dessert. On the same note, do check out Massimo’s for their entrées, like lamb and fish.


Massimo’s Ristorante
Royal Pines Subdivision (near the Petron Gas Station, just before the Mahogany Market)
Tagaytay City

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